The first book in my new Gods of Redemption series, Far From Honest, is now available for preorder. I’m really excited about this new series. It’s H-O-T! Hurry and preorder your copy today!

In the desert town of Divine, Arizona, Ryder Lynch rules the Gods of Redemption, a mercenary group of former government black ops agents. After getting burned, Ryder doesn’t trust a soul—especially not a stranger like Mercy Thomas. She’s on edge, on the run, and all too willing to trade her body for protection. Ryder doesn’t believe a word coming out of her pretty little mouth. That’s why he’s demanding payment up front . . . and every lie is going to cost her.

Kidnapped, stripped, and left for dead, Mercy has her reasons for getting creative with the truth. As an investigative reporter, she’s chasing a story that will put any number of lives at risk, including her own. Ryder is the protection she needs and the lover she wants. But one of Mercy’s deadliest secrets is about him. And when everything’s out in the open, Ryder Lynch might be the most dangerous mistake she’s ever made. 

Only mature audiences can handle the Gods of Redemption.

AVAILABLE FOR PREORDER FROM: iBooks / AmazonKobo / Google / Nook 

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Reclaim_reviseReclaim is only $.99 for a limited time!

Nolan: Nothing’s ever come easy for me, especially not my dream job at Nash Security and Investigations. Righting wrongs is what I’m meant to do . . . except I manage to blow the very first chance I get. So why don’t they fire me on the spot? Hell, I’d fire myself if I could. Instead, my boss hands me an assignment that’s too important to screw up—and partners me with Lila Garcia, a gorgeous attorney with curves so distracting they should be illegal.

Lila: Like my client, a grieving mother charged with the murder of her own son, I know how quickly the American dream can become a nightmare. If anybody can help me clear her name, it’s Nash Security and Investigations. But Nolan Perry is a wild card. Bending the truth, breaking the law—that’s his business. I need to focus on the evidence. Not on how Nolan’s body fits so perfectly against mine. With a case this personal—and this dangerous—losing control is simply not an option . . . no matter how badly I want to give in.

Available from: iBooks / Amazon / Kobo / Google / Nook / ARe

Indie Author Sunday Book Signingindie-author-day

I’ll be taking part in a very special event on Sunday, October 23rd at 3pm at The Ripped Bodice bookstore in Culver City, CA. I’ll be signing books along with 11 other great romance authors. You don’t want to miss it!

Come on down to the only all romance book store in the United States and meet authors Louisa Bacio, Eden Bradley, Janet Eckford, Vanessa Fewings, Nora Flite, Felice Fox, Mia Hopkins, Nikki Prince, Kate Richards, Lida Sideris, Sabrina Sol, and me!

I hope to see you there!

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The Misadventures of Maggie Mae


A wacky beauty consultant turned reluctant ammeter sleuth and a super hot FBI agent hunt down murderers and missing brothers. If it wasn’t for bad luck, Maggie wouldn’t have any luck at all.

“Author Beth Yarnall has a gift for quirky characters, the amusing and ridiculous, and metaphors that will have you chuckling out loud.” ~ Author Tara Mills

Maggie Mae Castro is one of my favorite characters to write. She’s feisty, foul-mouthed, and fun. If you haven’t discovered Maggie and Super Agent check them out. Only $2.50 each, I promise you’ll laugh out loud.

Wake Up Maggie

Warning: Contains inappropriate make-out sessions, flying bullets, a senator with secrets, designer shoe abuse, and a vegetarian Special Agent who’s incredibly attracted to a woman who slathers her bacon cheeseburgers with PB&J. We’re talking about Maggie Mae Castro here—you never know what’s going to go down.

“Maggie is a kick ass chick, her wondrous albeit random and odd brain ‘thoughts’ had me laughing out loud.” ~ The Insomniac Book Hoarder

  iBooks / Amazon / Nook / Kobo / Google / ARe / Samhain Store

You’re Mine, Maggie

Warning: Contains inappropriate make-out sessions, a stalker with a stun gun, a super-protective Super Agent, a deadly gift with purchase, and the possibility that it might just be love and not insanity. We’re talking about Maggie Mae Castro here—you never know what’s going to go down.

“Fun read. The Maggie Mae books are like romance candy. You just have to gobble them.” ~ Claire, Amazon customer

iBooks / Amazon / Nook / Kobo / Google / ARe / Samhain Store

Find Me Maggie

Warning: Contains sex talk that might lead to something other than sex; a stubborn, sex-denied woman on the edge; a super-protective Super Agent; a pissed-off con who got conned; and a baby-talking baby mama. We’re talking about Maggie Mae Castro here—you never know what’s going to go down.

“This delightful series is like those old Lay’s potato chips ads. You can’t eat just one. Why even try?” ~ Girly Girl, Amazon customer

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Rush-eBookRush is only $.99 for a limited time at EVERY retailer. Hurry and grab your copy before the price goes back up on September 22nd!

“If you like your romance fast, hot, hard and a giant helping of suspense, this book is most definitely a ‘must read’.” ~ Kati, Romancing Rakes for the Love of Romance

Miyuki Price-Jones knows what sells—and sex sells.  Host of a successful home shopping show, Mi has all eyes on her—including one very obsessed ex convict.  The stronger his obsession grows the more danger Mi finds herself in.  

When former Navy SEAL turned bodyguard, Lucas Vega, is charged with heading up her security, Mi realizes that she might need him for more than just protection. She’s drawn to the large, sexy, quiet man who guards her. As the heat between them intensifies, Lucas struggles to keep his feelings for Mi separate from his need to keep her safe.

Mi and Lucas search for a way to trust each other as her stalker closes in. With their lives on the line, can two people with such dark and damaged pasts let go and trust their hearts?

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ARe summerAll Romance eBooks is offering a 50% end of summer rebate on all of my books!!! Available September 4th & 5th only. No coupon needed. Click here or on the graphic to be taken to my list of ebooks. Stock up and save!

*see the ARe website for details

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