Hush #3


Pleasure at Home #3

Hedonistic and incredibly idealistic, Elisa Vega has never conformed to society’s norms. She does things she’s not supposed to do like take a job selling sex toys on TV. When she witnesses a murder no one believes her until strange things start happening…

Ian Kershaw took a pay cut when left Los Angeles and moved to Dallas. He’s running from a past that threatens to catch up to him. As much as he wants her—and god does he want her—Elisa is a temptation he cannot afford.

No one believes Elisa saw a man get killed. No one but Ian. He’ll protect her at any cost even if it means getting closer than he dares to the one woman he can’t say no to. As passion flares so does danger. It’s a cat and mouse game and Elisa is the bait. Can Ian keep her safe from a murderer bent on getting rid of the only witness to his crime or will he lose her forever?

Releasing September 12, 2016

Available for preorder exclusively from iBooks

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